Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 


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Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 

Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 

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Everyones favourite! CACI to tone and firm the muscles, hydrate skin and smooth away wrinkles. A course of 10 initially then once a month top ups.


CACI Facial

Course of 10 x 1hour sessions       £500

Monthly top ups                               £55


CACI Ultra

10 x 1.5 hour Sessions                    £650

Monthly top ups                               £69


CACI Eye Intensive

10 x 1 hour sessions                       £500

monthly top ups                              £55


CACI Hydratone Facial                  

10 x ½ hr sessions                           £38

Monthly top ups                              £34


*CACI Extended Treatments        

For extra benefits why not add an extra half hour to your CACI with a choice of:


Eye Intensive extra                          £25

Hydratone                                        £25

Radio Frequency                             £25



Famous for its development of Vit A in skincare along with the Ionzyme machine


Environ Ionzyme (with machine)

1 session x 1.5 hr                     £60

Environ Manual


1 session x 1 hr                        £50

Environ Cool Peel


1 session x 1.5 hr                     £60


*Extended Treatment                  

Radio Frequency                      £25



Our new favourite tx


Face Treatment                              

1 x 30 mins                               £28                        

Course of 10                             £250


Body, Bat Wings, Cellulite                

1 x 40 mins                                £38

Course of 10                             £350


*Extended Treatments

Add onto any other treatment      

1 x 30 mins Radio Frequency        £25




Using our signature products for an individually tailored, deep relaxing facial based on chakra alignment using the purest aromatherapy. Deep cleanse, tone, mask, hydration and moisturise with a head and neck massage for ultimate relaxation and beautiful skin.


1 session x 1 hour                          £55

1 session x 1.5 hour                       £69


Extended Treatments

Radio Frequency x 30mins            £25





Problem Skin

We recommend our Zephorium base chakra facial. Using ruby crystal infused products and St Johns Wort to help reduce inflammation and calm sensitive skin. Steam, cleanse, tone, mask, head and neck massage with High Frequency.

1 x 1hr session                              £40


Teenage De-stress

For deep relaxation or pre-exam nerves a crown chakra lavender and amethyst facial will soothe away stress and anxiety.

1 x 1hr session                              £40




Deep Swedish massage combined with our Zephorium range of pure aromatherapy blends for intense relaxation and peace. Choose which oil from:


Base chakra: Ruby and ylang ylang for grounding

Sacral chakra: Carnelian and orange oil for Creativity and flow

Solar chakra: Citrine and grapefruit oil for joy and abundance

Heart chakra 1: Rose quartz and rose oil for love and surrender

Heart chakra 2: Emerald and jasmine oil for balance and protection

Throat chakra: Aqua and neroli oil for truth and integrity

Brow chakra: Lapis Lazuli and frankincense for clarity and vision

Crown chakra: Amethyst and lavender oil for calm and wisdom


Full body x 1 hr                           £60                          

Full body x 1.5                             £85  


Head, neck, shoulders and back    

x 1 hour                                       £60

x 45 mins                                     £45


Mini ½ hour choose below        £35

*Head, shoulders neck                

*Back and shoulders                        

*Legs and arms


SPA PACKAGE                                      


Top to toe pamper – Zephorium facial tailored to your skin needs. Combining our signature facial with head, shoulder and body massage using our unique oils. Including a Face serum to take home.


1 session x 2 hours                   £145



Waxing - Legs

Full leg and bikini                        £32                  

Full legs                                        £26                                      

½ legs lower or upper                £18


Waxing – Bikini

Bikini                                            £14

Brazilian leaving a strip              £30

Hollywood all hair removed      £35


Waxing – Arms

Full arms                                     £18                

½ arms                                        £14    

Underarm                                 £10


Waxing or Threading– Face

Eyebrows                                         £10                            

Upper lip                                         £10                              

Chin                                                 £10

Hair line edge                                 £10                                    

Upper lip and chin                         £15            

Upper lip, chin and eyebrows      £22

Lip, chin, eyebrow, Hair line         £25


Waxing – Body

Chest                                              £20                                      

Back                                               £20                                      

Chest and back                             £38

Threading Eyebrows                    £10

LASHES AND BROWS                


Patch test required at least 24 hours before first session


Eyebrow or lash tint                                 £12    

Eyebrow shaping                                      £12                  

Lash and tint                                             £18





Working to align the chakras using a non-invasive therapy. Fully clothed this is a deep and relaxing treatment working on stuck energy and old patterns. Zephorium sprays are also used to align the chakras.  


1 x 1 hour           £60

4 x 1 hour           £220


We recommend a course of 4 x 1 hour sessions within a 4 week period to be most effective.




Reverend Sarah Cox has been working as a counsellor and Energy Therapist for more than 20 years and specialises in shifting people from life limiting behaviours and patterns. Using the core foundations of person centred counselling with the teachings of Abraham Hicks she works in a straightforward way helping you to shift your beliefs quickly.


1 x 60 minute session               £120

6 x 60 minute sessions             £680


Please note all Treatments are subject to price change. Please check the price with us upon booking.



We look forward to welcoming you to your next treatment.


With Love....



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We really excited to be finally having our own showcase not only for the products but for our treatments and what we believe to be healthy facials and skincare. The emphasis of Zephorium Positive Health and Beauty is on creating and maintaining healthy skin through a holistic body approach which will include Zephorium Energy Alignment Therapy to balance the chakras and also stocking natural products to help correct healthy gut flora and skin balance. We always believe that nature knows best but will be using the best in non-invasive science and equipment along with our natural products – the best of both worlds.

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