Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 


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Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 

Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 

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Zephorium Coconut wax candles cut

Well my beautiful candles have taken me on yet another journey of discovery! The main reason they have taken so long is that my research into the source of ingredients and waxes has been an eye opener to say the least!


I always knew I didn’t want petroleum based paraffin wax as it has long been known that the fumes are bad for our health. Look at your walls around burning candles and imagine that in your lungs…. I thought I would be using Soy candles as they are so popular these days, but you know me, I research the source of everything I use and it was not pretty investigating. Almost all Soy wax is now grown in America by Monsanto, a company I would never buy from or associate with. Much arable farmland is now taken up with growing Soy and Rapeseed in vast swathes, for vegetable oils and waxes whilst many Americans go hungry and without vegetables. It’s simply not a process I could ethically work with.


Then I found that almost all aroma is actually chemical based and it is legal for chemical identical ‘aromatherapy’ to be used and sold in candles as Aromatherapy! Almost all the lovely candles from all the major candle shops we love, are filling our lungs with more chemicals and toxicity. Some of them are so toxic, if you have an oil spillage whilst making the candles you have to call environmental health in to deal with it! Almost all of them are toxic to aquatic life which means somewhere along the line, they will get into the water-table, and many are toxic to animals. Sadly, all the candles in my home that were not natural went in the bin (that was all of them).


I almost gave up finding a great base wax that was non-toxic, pure and held the aromatherapy scent well. Then finally I found a great natural coconut wax that was exactly what I was looking for – ask and it is given! I know you will love the wax as much as I do, if you are a candle lover like me you can tell the purity of the wax just by looking at it and the heavenly smell of aromatherapy is such a treat to the senses. Don’t expect overpowering strong smells, proper Aromatherapy candles are subtle and gentle and soothe the mind, body and soul. Needless to say we only use 100% pure aromatherapy blended to awaken the senses not overpower them.


With love


Sarah x




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