Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 


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Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 

Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 

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Summer gathering

Summer Gathering


An ‘Undoing day’ with a twist!

Sunday 29th July – 11am to 4pm


(Short notice but hope you can come and play!)


I have had so many people ask for a workshop or meet up over the summer I have decided to combine it all and have a fun gathering day here in Heyshott Sussex. I know its short notice but I fancy a fab day reconnecting and getting into the groove together. Checking in, meeting new and old friends and generally having some fun!


The day will include:


‘Undoing day’ teachings - Drop the old ‘story’ of projection and start living from a powerful place of worthiness, self-love and empowerment.


Yoga - All welcome from the bendy to the very stiff. Let’s get into the body and see where we are holding our stuff!


Meditation – To access our holding patterns and clear the path to joy!


Zephorium- Yoga and meditations will combine with Zephorium sprays and oils to take it to another level! If you haven't used them with energy work you're in for a big treat.


Lunch and Share Time – bring a dish to share (dairy, gluten and meat free please). Tea, coffee, fruit provided.


Catch up - If there is a call for it we can stay longer and have tea and cakes outside, and a bit of a party!?!



Open to - all the Satvik and Zephorium graduates and students, Undoing day participants, Zephorium Stockists and those just wanting to immerse yourselves in a fabulous community of like-minded people. It’s not a huge venue so probably max 25 people.


I feel so excited about this day and for you to meet my fabulous Yoga teacher Mina Blair who will be teaching alongside me. if you click on her group classes you can also see the venue. It’s not near a station, Petersfield or Chichester the nearest, so grab a friend who can drive pile in your mates and come and join us..


Cost: £40


Venue: Cobden Village Hall, Leggs Lane, Heyshott, Midhurst, West Sussex GU29 0DJ (parking available). We have 10 sets of yoga mats to use, if you have your own mat and kit can you please bring along. Let me know either way for numbers.