Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 


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Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 

Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 

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Empowering, Uplifting, Natural, Crystal, Chakra Aromatherapy Products. Our range of unique skincare products, based on energy attraction and positive thinking, contain all natural, vegan and increasingly organic ingredients. Coconut wax Candles, Aura Sprays, Face Serums, Body Lotions, Natural Perfume, Essential Oil Blends and Massage and Body Oils formulate Zephoriums collection of beautiful, natural body products for mind, body and soul.


Each product in our range has been carefully blended using only the highest quality aromatherapy oils sourced from ethical companies from around the world. All our tonics come in 8 colour ways, aligning to the chakra system and contain pure aromatherapy, along with homeopathic crystal energy and positive affirmations.


There are 8 delicious signature fragrances to choose from:


Starting with the deep red base chakra we use intense Ylang Ylang for grounding and strength.  We move up the body into the citrus of the orange chakra and then onto the yellow chakra with a refreshing grapefruit and lime scent, helping the body expand into joy.  As we move our way up to the pink and green heart chakras, the scents become stronger with a deep rose and intense jasmine fragrance.


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The neroli oil in the blue chakra helps us to speak our truth. As we move into the higher chakras we use the spiritual scent of frankincense for the indigo brow chakra and finally calming lavender for the crown.


At Zephorium we believe that our thoughts create reality! Positive affirmations help to change our focus and take back control of our lives. On the back of each bottle there is a powerful affirmation, as you rub these fabulous oils into your skin or you spray the aura sprays around you, repeat the affirmations as often as possible. Then sit back and enjoy the sensations and allow your positive thoughts to radiate through your skin.


Every bottle has been hand blended with great love and positive intention. All our products are also 100% natural and vegan friendly. Also our Face Serums, Body Lotions and Perfume Rollettes are now all organic.


To give you the greatest choice and flexibility, all our products are sold both individually, so that you can mix and match them as you wish, and in sets.


There are many ways to choose which Zephorium product is right for you, discover them below.

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