Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 


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Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 

Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 

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Jan Trewartha Body In Harmony

Mary Adams - Spiritual Consultant and Workshop Tutor


This wonderful lady is an integral part of our Zephorium family, working closely with Sarah at our Petersiled office; Mary fills our beautiful bottles and manages sales and accounts.


Mary, who is a Multi-faith minister and the creator of Angellina and the Vale Ministry, she is also our spiritual consultant and provides us with the guidance that we often need.


Lauren Bull- Marketing and Brand Manager and Designer


Lauren is one of the leading forces behind Zephorium and has been instrumental in developing Zephorium into the international brand it is today.


This amazing lady has many rolls within Zephorium, however she is mainly involved with the marketing and branding of the company, website design, ruling social media, designing our beautiful products and looking after our stockists.


Lauren has a great background in design, marketing and sales, in 2012 she graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a BA Hons in Fashion Marketing and Branding. Lauren is leading this company into exciting avenues and we can’t wait to experience them.

Jan Trewartha - Aromatherapy Advisor



Jan has been in healthcare since 1979. A former State Registered Nurse and qualified aromatherapist, she has worked in complementary therapy since 1992, developing her present work specializing in physical and emotional trauma release. This is the culmination of many years of training and experience in different disciplines.


Jan was one of only two people in England working with this particular therapy but now, as her students graduate, Body Realignment is spreading across the country.


Jan is the founder and Principal of Body in Harmony Training, a fully accredited school which runs diploma courses in Therapeutic Massage and in Body Realignment. For more information and the 2012/13 schedule of courses see her website:


Mary Adams Vale Ministry

Kris Botterill -  Consultant and Qualified Zephorium Therapist


Kris is a reiki master and reflexologist, practising from her home based clinic in Brighton at


Kris has collaborated with another therapist, Kate Gowar and together they have developed a new 4-handed treatment called Intuitive Alignment, which is a ritual involving 2 therapists working simultaneously using reiki infused facial and foot reflexology to facilitate inner peace, balance and harmony.


Kris enjoys bringing people together and at Zephorium her main responsibility is to look after the UK therapists, bringing her skills of direct selling, collaboration, marketing, running workshops and client interaction.

Sarah Cox Founder of Zephorium Soul Tonic Lauren Bull Marketing and Designer at Zephorium

Sarah Cox - Founder

and CEO


Sarah is our faithful leader and magical woman who brought Zephorium into the world, she has created every single scent and product in our collection.


As a natural psychic she has always had many spiritual experiences which culminated in her decision to train as an Interfaith Minister and was ordained in 2007.  In 2002 Sarah co-founded with Yvette Richards the Satvik Training School, a 2 year intensive training for personal empowerment and healing whilst becoming energy healers. Over the years they have trained many therapists who are doing great work in the community. You can find out more about the Satvik School at

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