Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 


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Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 

Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 

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What is a chakra/soul tonic?


These beautiful oils are designed to help improve your physical and emotional wellbeing and your natural beauty. They have been carefully formulated to reflect the bodies energy (chakra) system and are packed with a powerful combination of natural ingredients, aromatherapy, colour, homeopathic crystals and affirmations. Our products are mainly natural oil based meaning they are perfect on all skin types.


What is an affirmation?


Affirmations are the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment; they are positive statements that help change our conscious level of thinking. When you choose to use affirmations, you are making a conscious decision to change your life and move forward on the path of positive change. Zephoriums positive affirmations are on the back of each bottle to help shift old ingrained beliefs about our lives or world that are not helping us to feel good. Repeat your desired affirmation as much as possible, change your thoughts….change your life.


What is an aura?


The aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds every creature that exists. A form of energy emanating from your body, your aura can tell a lot about you, from your personality to your innermost emotions and conflicts.


What is Positive Beauty?


Positive Beauty is a term we use for our products, we believe if you think positive thoughts they will shine out of your face and give you that positive natural glow. Also by using positive ingredients (natural, organic and eco friendly) you are making a positive change to the environment and your health.


Can you use oil on oily skin?


Yes you can, many believe that if you have oily skin that you should not use any oil-based products. We find this to be the opposite; it is one of the most natural ways to cleanse the face. It helps maintain the skins lubrication, dissolves impurities in the pores and feeds the skin with antioxidants that help prevent wrinkles.


How are the oils created?


The tonics are hand blended by our founder, Sarah Cox, and contain the highest quality essential and plant-based oils. Each bottle is made with great love and positive intention.


Is there an actual crystal inside?


No, we homoeopathically potentise the crystal, so that no physical crystal remains. It is the energetic memory of each crystal, which remains inside the product of each bottle.


Are all your products Natural and Organic?

All our products are made using natural ingredients and are suitable for vegans, our Body Lotion, Face Serums and Natural Perfumes are all organic and none of your products are tested on animals. We pride our self on our ethics as a brand, all our packaging is recyclable, we give 10% of our profits to good causes and we aim to keep our sourcing locally, where possible.


How do you choose the right tonic for you?


Each chakra tonic is designed to suit a specific chakra. The

affirmations are related to the chakras and the specific trauma and healing of each one. Some people choose their tonic based on physical ailments, emotional stresses, feelings or even intuition. If you are drawn to a particular tonic, it is best to resonate with that feeling. Each crystal and aromatherapy oil represents individual properties too which can help harmonise the mind, body and spirit. There is no right or wrong tonic for a person. Plus they make great personal gifts to give to loved ones.


Can you use the oils when pregnant?


We do not advise to use our oils on the skin whilst pregnant, studies have suggested that some aromatherapy and essential oils carry a small chance of risk.