Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 


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Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 

Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 

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Journeying with others is a magnificent path and I feel blessed 22 years ago, to have chosen ‘the road less travelled’. Sharing the information is what I now love to do. This could be your world too!


Here is a deeper explanation of my new Energy Practitioner course as requested by lots of YOU….

The basis of the training is self-healing, whilst learning to become a powerful energy healer. It is only when we are in alignment ourselves that we have anything to offer another. You will learn to interpret the Universal Energies to translate what is vibrationally occurring within YOU, around YOU and for OTHERS.

As with the Satvik Training School which I ran for 12 years, the basis of healing is to clear out our own energy blocks first and no one can do that but you! Self-empowerment is the aim NOT dependency. Based on Chinese energy practices including Chi Gung, you will be required to do a daily routine to first clear your energy body and secondly to re-charge your system to facilitate powerful healing for self and others. No ‘burnt out’ therapists here!


You will learn how to cleanse your internal organs in order to learn to interpret emotions and blockages in others. This combined with all my skills and experience teaching psychic development, mediumship, epigenetics: – how our thoughts and feelings create our world, and using the Zephorium products during your healing work, is going to pack a powerful punch in self-healing for yourself and others. All of that is condensed into 1 day a month (Sunday) training for 10 months!


Expect to work hard, clear your energy body, have some tears and lots of laughter as you return energetically to the powerful, creative being that you are. You will have case studies as you learn the protocol, immerse yourself in nature AND learn to give a powerful, intuitive healing…..This is going to be SUCH fun!


I can’t wait…… This could easily be a 2 year course but these days I like to ‘sock’ it to you fast so you can take it out into the world and integrate it into your world. Things have changed, the energy is moving fast… no need to hang around now. If you are ready for a new career, to add to your toolbox of therapies for your practice or simply to help yourself and your family then come and join me for this life changing course.


If you feel inspired to join us please email me at