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Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 

Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 

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By Sarah Cox, Jun 8 2018 02:00PM

From the 11th to the 17th of June IFA are celebrating Aromatherapy Awareness Week and we just wanted to share with you why aromatherapy is at the heart what we do.

Our sense of smell has a powerful impact on our emotional and physical wellbeing. Our sense of smell is powerful for a reason: it stops us eating food that will poison us, such as fish that has 'turned' and could kill us!

The flip side of our nose protecting us from danger, is that it draws us towards what is good for us! There is an overwhelming urge to stick our noses into freshly opened rose buds and 'drink' the heavy scent deep intoour body. When we smell something pleasant we release a chemical called dopamine in our brain and receive a happy high from the experience. The brain then demands more aromas to get another little high. The fabulous 11th Century German Benedictine Abbess, Hildegard of Bingen who was a mystic and visionary, successfully treated people for illnesses by draping cloth over certain flowers at night to capture the flowery dew which her clients would drink in the morning. She understood the power of plants, scent and homeopathy even then!

These days we have cultivated wonderful systems to distil the scent and properties of flowers and plants on a larger scale to help with health and wellbeing. Aromatherapy has the ability to calm or stimulate the mind depending on the plant. As smell is associated with experiences, nothing is more wonderful than having an aromatherapy massage, reiki, reflexology or healing combining smell of beautiful flowers with relaxation and peace.

To create our growing collection of oils and sprays we fine tuned 8 beuatiful blends all containing the highest quality essentail oils and crystal energy to soothe the mind, body and soul. Shop here.

By Sarah Cox, Jan 25 2018 12:09PM

This skin repairing face serum has a powerful combination of Rosehip and Rose oil along with potentised Rose Quartz Crystal, designed to encourage Surrendering of the heart and opening it up to Love, whilst helping to rebalance the Heart Chakra.

Loaded with vitamins, this oil repairs the skin by intense hydration in the way nature intended. Rosehip oil is THE oil for skin repair, helping to heal and smooth out damaged, scarred or irritated skin. Combined with Apricot and Hemp oil, to enhance skin repair. If you have ever smelt Rosehip Oil and been disappointed it didn’t have a light floral scent of a rose, well this is because Rosehip actually comes from the ‘hips’, the small fruits behind the flowers. Though as our serum is blended with Rose oil, you still receive that beautiful subtle floral scent.

Rosehip has been used for generations, dating back to Egyptian times, for its healing properties.

As well as repairing the skin, Rosehip Oil can also help with:

Moisturising- Rosehip oil contains nourishing fatty acids and can protect against the drying effects of the sun and climate.

Tighten and brighten skin

Rebuild collagen to fade unwanted scars and stretch marks -It helps the skin heal and regenerate and prevents the formation of keloid scar tissue (thickening of the skin when forming scar tissue) and is helpful in healing burns and fading stretch marks.

Signs of aging- It is high in GLA and helps reduce the signs of ageing, especially the fine lines around the eyes (crows feet) and lines around the mouth. Anti-inflammatory fatty acids and vitamin A and C found in Rosehip can aid in pigmentation, hydration and give an anti-oxidant boost.

As well as Rosehip Oil our Rose Quartz Crystal Face serum is blended with Rose Oil, the ultimate ‘heart opening’ oil, it is nurturing and gentle, often referred to as ‘The Queen of Oils. Its nurturing fragrance relieves grief and sadness enabling us to let go of the past and embrace love. Infused with Rose Quartz this oil can help with bringing harmony back into our life and helps us to develop empathy and gentle love, accepting life as a joyful journey.

Natural beauty tip: Rosehip is a great treatment for brittle nails, massage into your nail beds daily for few weeks and watch them become stronger and healthier.

Directions for use: Use after cleansing and before moisturising, to ensure the skin receives a nutritional boost. Apply morning and night. Cleanse and tone face, put 1-2 drops of oil on fingertips and gently massage oil into skin paying attention to problem areas. Leave to absorb the vitamins for 5 minutes. Apply moisturiser on top to seal in the natural skin repairing qualities of the oils.

Discover our 7 other face serums, each designed for unique skin types. Each of our Face Serums comes in a beautiful 30ml glass bottle with pipette. Shop online here.

Advisory: please consult a holistic health professional or aromatherapist before using any essential oils, especially if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Zephorium Rosehip Aromatherapy Face Serum
Zephorium Rosehip Aromatherapy Face Serum
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