Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 


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Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 

Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 

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Light Emerging - Our Growing Community

By Sarah Cox, Feb 19 2019 02:18PM

You may have noticed we have been really quiet here at Zephorium for the last few months. Huge shifts afoot as, judging by your emails, it has been for many of you too. My dear mum passed to spirit in October and we nursed her through her final weeks. We are a family business so Lauren also lost her Grandma and Sue her step mum in one hit.

I am so grateful for all the love, kind words and gifts that arrived to support and sustain me during this time of grief and have felt so held that I was able to really allow myself to ‘let go’ and experience the pain and sorrow. As spring emerges I am slowly coming out of hibernation and feel a stirring of excitement for the future and for life once again. These experiences rip us open on every level and I find I am in an even tenderer place, and have a deeper sense of acceptance, forgiveness, surrender and compassion for life. One thing is for sure, our difficult experiences push us through the fire in a spectacular fashion, but once we emerge on the other side, we become (hopefully), ever more refined and less complicated!

Having had time over the last months for deep reflection I am aware more and more, of the need for community. Support, guidance and love is so important for our health, to float on the waves of life and not get sucked under. When I started Zephorium in 2012 my main aim was to create a community of like minds, a place of peace, reflection support and to make new friends. With the business of sales, buying, making up bottles and accounts I think I have let that slip. So my New Year resolution, now that the business is more self-sustaining, is to create that community that I long for. So watch this space for all sorts of ideas I will throw at you to come and play with me. Let me know what ideas you have too….Can’t wait to hear from you!

Huge love Sarah xx

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