Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 


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Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 

Change your thoughts.....Change your life. 

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Come with an open mind and heart;

you will find that anything is possible!

At Poulstone Court, Herefordshire

For more information and to book, contact Mary Adams

Email: or phone 07759 942110

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Mary Adams

A multi-faith minister, the founder of the Vale Ministry and teaches about world faiths and traditions to her student ministers. Her deepest desire is to lead others to their awakening. Mary is an intuitive psychic medium. Her Angellina Insights are a beautiful channelled programme to spiritual awakening.


Helen Thatcher

Helen Thatcher has a joyful and enthusiastic approach to life. She brings an attitude of warmth and kindness to her work, drawing on an instinctive wisdom when teaching.  She delights in the Dance of Life and offer others the opportunity to gently discover more of themselves through Vital Development - a movement practice that promotes personal and spiritual growth.


Sue Staziker

Yoga Consultant, Satvik Energy Therapist, Ordained member of the Vale Ministry teaching faculty, Founder of Satyam Yoga. It is my joy to enable the awakening of your body, mind, and soul. Having spent over thirty years in the field of yoga and healing, I use a fusion of different techniques and styles of Yoga so everyone can find pleasure and purpose in their practice.

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At Poulstone Court Retreat Centre

in the heart of beautiful Herefordshire countryside

28th – 30th October 2016


“Mary and Sarah are the perfect guides to provide practical ways that helped me connect and listen to my own divine guidance.” – Diana


Everyone is psychic. We all have the potential to develop our psychic ability, which requires nothing more than dedication, an open mind and a little hard work. You will be amazed how easy it is, whilst finding out who you really are:- a powerful, psychic, vibrational, awakened human, who can be, do or have anything you put your mind to. We have been running this workshop for over 11 years and believe anyone can learn to give brilliant readings in 3 days!


What to expect


Our aim is to empower everyone we meet, and learning to tune into your guidance is the most powerful way that we have found, to get you onto your path and stay in alignment with your Source.  


Learning that everyone can do this easily is liberating and your life will never be the same again. All standards welcome from beginner to advanced.


•Intensive Psychic development daily. From basic readings to mediumship (yes its possible in 3 days)! Learn how to empower your life and the life of others


• Morning Yoga (optional) to help ground and anchor the teaching


• Friday evening Vital movement (optional)


• Saturday evening Sacred Ceremony


• The Angellina Insights meditations during the day to open your heart to the healing and love from your angels


• The science of Epigenetics and how your thoughts

create reality.


Food and Accomodation included


We want you to have a wonderful mini break and have chosen this location for the nurturing homely feel, delicious food, outstanding countryside and comfy rooms. We have sole use of the tranquil house and beautiful gardens.


“Our food is vegetarian, delicious, varied and plentiful! Breakfast is self-service with cereals, muesli, dried fruit, grapefruit, yoghurt, toast and spreads, orange juice, tea, herb teas and coffee. Lunch is homemade soup or a hot savoury dish with delicious salad combinations and dressings. Dinner is a substantial main course with dessert. Cakes are also served in the afternoon tea break. If you have any particular dietary requirements for your retreat or course, we are happy to adapt our menus to suit you.”


There are 3 large workshop rooms for the training and Yoga with plenty of room for us all.


Bedrooms are single, twin, 3’s and 4 bed rooms. There are 6 bathrooms and 4 shower rooms. All the rooms are spacious with original features and views to the gardens and fields beyond.  The house is set up to create an informal atmosphere of sharing and co-operation. A warm welcome awaits….




“This workshop was one of the best things I have ever done. It helped me understand, come to terms with, and leave past trauma permanently behind. Without ever talking about my past it just resolved itself.” - Joanna


“It was beautiful, powerful, transformational and fun, Sarah and Mary have the gift of opening up the space for legions of angels to come!” – Nikki


“I highly recommend it for anyone seeking a spiritual connection. This training created a major shift in our energies and psychic abilities.” Betty and Phil


“I leave feeling empowered, refreshed, blissful, full of love for the world and myself and confident to go forward knowing who I am.” – Christine



Sarah angel photo

Sarah Cox

A psychic medium, counsellor, multi-faith minister, founder of the School of Conscious Co Creation and Zephorium Soul Tonics. Her passion is to empower by teaching there is no death, to live fearlessly and joyfully. Zephorium, through global sales is spreading the healing through her products.